3 Ways to Play with Color Mascara

 Just the tips

Grab your normal, everyday black mascara and sweep it on your top and bottom lashes. Next, try a crazy color! We went with Inglot Cosmetics Colour Play Mascara in 02 Green, which is a highly pigmented, almost electric green, and applied it just to the tips of the top and bottom lashes. Presto! A subtle-yet-still-visible color on the tips of your still-proper eyelashes. You can’t even see it unless you get pretty close, but when you do, it’s like your entire soul suddenly gets how awesome this is.


For a more obvious look that is still not in “Rainbow Brite” territory, try swiping your top lashes with black mascara and putting color mascara on just your bottom lashes. This can be fun to try with gently varying shades, say, black on top and navy on bottom, or add a cobalt on the bottom for a little more oomph. This works especially well with blue shades, because they’ll make the whites of your eyes look brighter, the same way blue-based red lipsticks will make your skin tone look cooler. “You look different! But…why?” – Everyone at work.

Let’s Blend

Your black mascara is about to get a facelift. Sweep on a coat of black mascara, and then do a second coat of a vibrant color mascara of your choice (what about purple? or burgundy?) Look at that! Is it black mascara? No. Is it color mascara? Adding a coat of color mascara to black makes the black appear multifaceted and a bit more interesting, without making you commit to Krazy Kolor Lashes all the way.

Don’t just treat colored mascara as a fun way to switch up your outfit, or an alternative to brightly-colored eyeshadow. Each colored mascara has its own special superpowers. A bright electric blue one is great for making the whites of your eyes appear even more blindingly white (perfect for the morning after a night out) whilst a deep plum tone is ideal for enhancing brown or hazel eyes. A glitter-drenched mascara will even give your lashes a subtle sparkle on the dance floor (or bus to work) without making you look like you’re stuck in a try-hard ’90s time warp.

If you’re a human who prefers to never leave the house without polishing your eyeliner-and-mascara combo to perfection, then this is the lavished-lashed look for you. In dark purples and navy blues, it offers the perfect way to refresh your office attire, whilst electric blues, pinks, and emerald greens create a gorgeous festival eye.

If you’re desperate for a way to add drama to your daily makeup routine without making your face look too “busy,” then a bright or uniquely colored mascara with a prettily paired-back face and lip is your new beauty best friend. A quick and easy way to add a playful touch to your daytime style, statement colored lashes make a perfect partner for picnics, beach outings, and just generally putting an extra spring in your step.

Already the queen of colored mascara?