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If you want flawless looking, healthy skin, just follow these ten simple tricks that will help you achieve the smoothest skin you have ever had.

1. Cleanse your skin twice a day

The first step to achieving smooth skin is simply to keep it clean and free from bacteria. All through the day, dirt, grime and germs build up on your skin, so it is essential that you remove all your makeup at night and clean your skin thoroughly before you go to bed. Sweat and grease can also build up while you sleep, so be sure to cleanse your face thoroughly in the mornings too.

2. Exfoliate regularly

Another tip on how to get smooth skin is to exfoliate regularly. Your skin cells are dying and new ones are forming all the time. If you don’t remove the dead skin cells by exfoliating, they can build up on the skin making it look lifeless and dull. Dead skin cells can also accumulate in the pores, which will block them and cause pimples and acne.

3. Wear sunscreen every day

One of the most important things that you can do for the health of your skin is to wear sunscreen every single day. The UV rays that come from the sun are the number one cause of skin ageing, so protect your skin every day and it will stay smooth and wrinkle free for many years to come.

4. Stay well hydrated

Another tip on how to get smooth skin is to make sure that you stay well hydrated. If you get dehydrated, your skin will become dry and rough and you will be more prone to breakouts. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and drink a glass of water just before you go to bed as well. Drinking water will keep your skin soft and supple and it will help flush toxins out of your body too.

5. Moisturise daily

Get into the routine of moisturising your skin every single day and don’t miss a single day. If you keep up with your daily moisturising regime, you won’t need expensive serums and lotions. A simple, natural, moisturising lotion will keep your skin hydrated and soft and it won’t cause any skin irritation.

6. Nourish skin with honey

Honey is a wonderful natural ingredient that will fight bacteria and infection and nourish and moisturise your skin. To get really smooth skin, apply raw honey to your face and leave it to sit for about ten minutes, before washing it off again with warm water. Honey will keep your skin clear of infections and it will make it soft and smooth.

7. Lighten scars and blemishes with lemon juice

Another good tip on how to get smooth skin is to use lemon juice, which makes a great natural cleanser and skin toner, and it will fade scars and blemishes too. To lighten marks on your face, apply fresh lemon juice, diluted in water, and leave it on your skin for about ten minutes. To help soften skin, you can also mix lemon juice with egg whites and honey for a very effective homemade, skin softening, face mask.

8. Never pick at spots and pimples

If you do get pimples, treat them straight away, but never squeeze them or pick at them. If you pick at pimples, you will spread the bacteria around your face and cause even more pimples. More importantly, if you don’t leave spots alone, they won’t heal properly and you will cause scars on your face.

9. Drink green tea

Another amazing tip on how to get smooth skin is to drink green tea, which is simply full of amazing antioxidants that will help keep your skin smooth and wrinkle free. Aim to drink three cups of green tea a day and it will fight the signs of aging in your skin and improve your digestion, which will also help keep your skin looking clear and acne-free.

10. Stay active and eat a healthy diet

Your lifestyle choices will have a big effect on the smoothness of your skin too, so follow all the usual common sense guidelines and you will soon see the difference it makes to your skin. Stay active and exercise regularly and that will give your skin a healthy glow. Avoid eating fast food and pre-packed convenience meals, because they contain lots of added salt, sugar and artificial ingredients that will have a negative impact on the health of your skin.


You can make waxing less painful, so read on, and we will explain ten things you can do that will take some of the pain out of hair removal.

1. Exfoliate the day before

Exfoliating the area of skin that you intend to get waxed will remove the dead skin cells and clean out the pores and that will make it easier for the hairs to be removed. It will also lift the hairs, so that more of them will be removed first time and there won’t be any need for using tweezers. It’s also important to exfoliate after a wax, because it will help stop in growing hairs.

2. Take a pain killer half an hour before waxing

Taking an over the counter pain killer will help to numb the pain. Take a couple of Aspirins, ibuprofens, or whatever your preferred pain killer is, about half an hour before waxing and it will reduce the pain you feel quite a lot.

3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Don’t think that a couple of glasses of wine will numb the pain of waxing, because it will actually make it worse. Anything that is a stimulant, like coffee and alcohol, will make the skin even more sensitive. It’s best to avoid coffee and any alcoholic drinks for at least a couple of hours before you wax. You’d be better off drinking water, which hydrate your skin and make it softer.

4. Distract yourself

Whether you are going to a salon for a wax or doing it at home, if you can keep your mind off it, it will hurt a lot less. Play some music, switch on the TV, or if you are in a salon, you could read a magazine or a book. It’s just something to stop you focussing solely on the pain.

5. Let your hair grow a bit before you wax

The shorter the hair is, the harder it will be to pull it out. In fact, if the hairs are still very short, some of them may not come out at all, so you will be getting all the pain, for no gain. Waxing will be a lot less painful, and more successful, if you let the hairs grow to about a quarter of an inch before you try to remove them.

6. Try not to tense up

Another one of good hair removal tips is to avoid any tenseness. It’s not easy to relax, when you know what’s coming, that’s why we mentioned that distracting yourself will help. Distracted, or not, try not to anticipate the pain because if you tense up, that will make it harder for the hairs to be pulled out. Take a couple of deep breaths, relax and yank! The more relaxed you are, the less pain you will feel.

7. Wax in the afternoon

It hurts less if you wax in the afternoons for in the evening. Your pain threshold increases during the course of the day, because your body gets warmed up and your muscles loosen up. The best time to get a waxing appointment would be about 4.00pm, that’s when your body is operating at its optimum.

8. Don’t wax right before your period

Try to avoid waxing in the week just before your period is due, because your skin is more sensitive at that time. Your pain threshold will be higher a week or two after your period has finished, so waxing will feel less painful.

9. Wax regularly

Waxing always hurts the very first time you do it. Repeated waxing not only gets you used to the pain, but it also makes hair grow softer and thinner. So, don’t wait until just before your summer vacation to wax your bikini line, keep it up all through the year. That way, it will be less painful, each time you do it.

10. Use a numbing cream

There are plenty of numbing creams that you can buy that will ease the pain and they are most effective if you apply them about half an hour bore your waxing. One thing not to do, though, is to use ice cubes to numb the pain, because that will make your skin cold and it will tighten up the pores.


Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, but they are usually more associated with the marks that can appear on the abdomen after childbirth. They are caused when the skin is stretched, relatively rapidly, and the collagen in the skin is weakened as a result. While pregnancy is the most common cause of stretch marks, they can also occur as a result of rapid growth in a child, or by dramatic weight gain or loss. Stretch marks are perfectly natural and they won’t cause you any health problems, but, if you want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, here are ten natural ways to do it.

1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a really simple remedy for stretch marks and it will help to fade other types of scars and blemishes too. It is naturally acidic and it has a mild bleaching effect. Rub some fresh lemon juice into your stretch marks and leave the juice to sit for about ten minutes. With repeated application, you should start to see the stretch marks fade.

2. Egg whites

Another good tip on how to get rid of stretch marks is to use egg whites. Egg whites are a great way to nourish the skin with protein and bring back some of its elasticity. Whip up the whites of two eggs and then apply it thickly to the affected areas of skin. Leave the egg whites to dry completely, and then, you can wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat that process once a day for the best results.

3. Castor oil

Castor oil can be used on all kinds of different skin conditions. It will soothe sunburn, rehydrate dry skin and it can be used to help fade stretch marks. Castor oil stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and can help restore the skin to its natural shape after it has been stretched. Apply castor oil the skin, cover it, and then warm it with a hot water bottle for about twenty minutes.

4. Alfalfa 

Next great tip on how to get rid of stretch marks is to use alfalfa, which is rich in vitamins E and K, and it’s a good source of amino acids that can help the skin to repair itself. To get the best results, mix alfalfa powder with chamomile oil into a paste and apply it to the skin. Leave it on for about five minutes and then wash it off with warm water. After a few weeks of repeated treatments, you will be able to see an improvement in your stretch marks.

5. Black tea

Black tea contains lots of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B12, which helps to control skin pigmentation. To use black tea to treat stretch marks, boil up a couple of tablespoons of black tea and add some salt to it. Apply it to the stretch marks and leave it to sit for fifteen minutes and then wash it off again.

6. Olive oil

Another tip on how to get rid of stretch marks is to use olive oil, as it contains ingredients that moisturise, cleanse, and nourish the skin, and it’s probably one of the oldest remedies for stretch marks that there is. It also has the ability to help fight the damaging effect of free radicals on the collagen and improve the blood flow to the skin. Simply massage warm olive oil into the skin every day and watch the stretch marks fade.

7. Sugar

Exfoliating can help fade stretch marks too. Although you can’t scrub stretch marks away, exfoliating the skin encourages the growth of new skin cells, which will reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. Mix some sugar with almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice and then massage it gently into the skin. It will lift dead skin cells and help to fade stretch marks.

8. Potato juice

This is another one of the age old tips on how to get rid of stretch marks that you may well have heard of before. Potatoes are a good source of the vitamins and minerals that are needed to promote healthy skin. Just cut a potato into thick slices, and rub them on your skin. When the juice has dried, wash it off with some warm water.

9. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has amazing skin healing properties and it can help reduce wrinkles, as well as healing stretch marks. Try massaging the affected area of skin with cocoa butter, twice a day, and you should start to see some positive results within a couple of months.

10. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel can be used to effectively treat all kinds of skin problems and stretch marks are no exception to that. It has a wonderful cooling, moisturising, effect on the skin and it also helps to restore elasticity. Just squeeze the gel out of an aloe vera leaf and apply it directly to the skin. If you use it regularly, it will make stretch marks much less visible.


For beauty purposes, white teeth are essential. They look awesome, feel awesome, and make us feel awesome about ourselves. Pearly whites gives us the confidence to shine, to smile, and to be at our best all the time.

Unlike other fashions that come and go, glistening white teeth will never go out of fashion. In fact, they are arguably the most essential accessory if you want to sparkle and sport a winning smile that lights up rooms all the time.

We’ve rounded up some ace teeth whitening tips from dental experts, which are super easy to implement. Let’s take a look!

  • Apply The Right Shade Of Lipstick

You don’t have to go to your dentist and spend a small fortune in a bid to get whiter than white teeth. As it turns out, there are many simple tricks you can apply that whiten your teeth as though by magic.

For example, getting whiter teeth is sometimes just as easy as applying the right shade of lipstick!

What you might not have realised is that there are some lip colours that darken your teeth and some that whiten them. Knowing what dulls and what glows is essential to at least creating the illusion of whiter teeth.

It’s all about knowing what works for you. If you have greyish teeth, for example, you need to avoid red lipsticks.

  • Adopt A White Teeth Diet

Another one of great teeth whitening tips is to adopt a white teeth diet. If you’re sipping coffee all day long and drinking a glass of wine each night after work, you’re not doing your teeth any favours at all. It’s even worse if you smoke cigarettes, too. Instead of whitening them, you’ll be yellowing them.

Naturally, it’s impossible to avoid all dark food, and I don’t expect you to be the one at the dinner table who refuses your friend’s offer to try their dinner on the account that it’s “too dark”. But each time you eat a meal containing dark food, brush straight afterwards.

  • Make A Lemon Juice And Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda is mildly abrasive, which means that it’s really good at removing any surface stains on your teeth, thereby returning them to their original white shade. It’s also alkaline, which means that it helps to balance out your mouths Ph levels. All you need to do is mix together a few teaspoons of baking soda with lemon juice in order to make your paste. Then, dab some of the paste onto your toothbrush before giving your teeth a good scrubbing.

  • Use Orange Peel

One of fabulous teeth whitening tips us to use orange peel. As an alternative, you could try lemon peel. Both are good for your teeth and your stomach, and they also keep your breath nice and fresh.

  • Change Your Toothbrush Regularly

For whiter, brighter teeth, it’s imperative that you maintain good oral hygiene. And one of the best ways to do this is by changing your toothbrush every two or three months. Any longer, and it just won’t be doing a very good job of scraping the bacteria off your fangs.

  • Look Out For Peroxide

If something contains peroxide it’s good for you. Peroxide is a key ingredient that whitens teeth. Be mindful, though, as it can cause sensitivity too.

  • Clean Your Tongue

Your mouth is full of bacteria. As disgusting as it sounds, it’s essentially a germ casserole. Your tongue in particular is a hive of bacteria, and scraping it a few times a week helps to banish all those nasty germs. It will also relieve any signs of bad breath. For best results, we recommend that you invest in a proper tongue scraper or simply use a tablespoon.

  • Try A Coconut Oil Rinse

Oil rinse is another one of great teeth whitening tips. You might think this one sounds absolutely bonkers, but bear with me because rinsing out your mouth with coconut oil is actually a really old teeth whitening trick that has always worked.

All you need to do is place a pinch of coconut oil into your moth before you brush your teeth in the morning. Then, swirl it around inside your mouth for around ten minutes (yes, you will need some patience. I suggest doing something else at the same time, such as listening to a podcast).

  • Eat Crispy Foods

Otherwise known as “detergent foods”, produce such as popcorn, apples, celery and carrots might be tough to chomp on at times, but they’re really good at cleaning your teeth.

  • Always Do The Basics

Lastly, it’s important that you always ALWAYS do the basics. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing at least once, and using mouthwash a few times a week. Do all this and you’ll have a much better chance of having pearly whites all the time.


We love coconut oil, and see it as the secret weapon in our beauty regimes. Like a magician, it can carry out all sorts of amazing tricks.

It’s not hard to imagine why when you consider all the good stuff that coconut oil is composed of: It’s rich in anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which means it can do a lot of things that other oils can’t.

  • Soothe Your Dry Hands

Dry skin sucks. Not only can it itch and get red and blotchy, but it can cause our skin to crack, blister – and bleed. It doesn’t look good, and it also doesn’t feel good. But coconut oil can help.

  • Highlight Your Cheekbones

It might sound unorthodox, but coconut oil works as a really amazing highlighter for your cheekbones. All you need to do is take a dab and then sweep it on top of your makeup. Then, leave well alone. The oil will blend in with your skin seamlessly, so that it looks like your skin but with more of a glow. In fact, if you check the list of ingredients on practically any natural makeup branded formula, you’ll see coconut oil.

  • Wash Your Face

You don’t need to clean your face with just soap and water when coconut oil is around. Thanks to its natural moisturising qualities, it makes for an excellent facial cleanser. I will easily dissolve all makeup, even waterproof.

  • Add It To Your Smoothie

Following on from adding coconut oil to your cup of tea or coffee, you can also add it to your breakfast smoothie for an extra, special health-boost. This is a much better idea for anyone who doesn’t really like the taste of coconut oil, as the smoothie masks it better than tea and coffee does. Moreover, those crunch bits of coconut you sometimes get in the oil obviously work better in a smoothie. However, you will still notice the texture either way, so it’s key that you melt the oil right up until it’s barely melted. Then add it.

  • Weight Loss

Lots of people think that coconut oil helps with weight loss – and we’re inclined to agree with them. Unlike lots of other dietary fats, your body process the ones in coconut oil in a different way. In other words, instead of turning them into body fat, your burn off their calories instead.

  • Shave Your Legs

Shaving cream is expensive. But that’s not the worst of it. The worst of it is that it also contains lots of nasty chemicals that can cause bad reactions, such as rashes, itchiness and burning sensations. Not cool. Coconut oil is natural and contains zero harmful chemicals. And that’s why we love to use it as our shaving cream of choice.

  • Remove Your Makeup

The worst bit about a night out is having to remove our makeup after we’ve returned home from dancing. We could just go straight to bed with our makeup still on, but we know that this isn’t really a wise idea. Removing makeup can be really hard sometimes, though – especially when we’re faced with really stubborn mascara! But this is where coconut oil comes to the rescue. It can melt away even the most resistant makeup easily and quickly.

  • Clean Your Teeth!

If you don’t want to have to make frequent trips to the dentist (and who does?!), you need to look after your teeth. And to really double down on plaque and enamel, you could try rubbing coconut oil into your molars. This might seem like an unusual tactic at first. But when you realise that coconut oil has lots and lots of anti-bacterial properties, it suddenly makes a lot of sense. And indeed, people have been oil pulling with this essential oil for centuries because it’s just so good at eliminating pesky bacteria from your mouth.

For best results, rub it into your teeth and gums for up to twenty minutes at least twice a week.

  • Chapped Lips

Got parched, chap lips? Nightmare! We all know what that’s like. But the good news is that even in the winter when your lips are at their driest, coconut oil moisten them over.

Beauty Tips

Actress Sandra Prinsloo is 68 and looking fantastic. Here are a few of her tips on how to age with grace and keep looking younger for longer:

  • Clean your skin twice a day, morning and night, and use thick moisturiser to keep it hydrated.
  • Use loads of sunscreen, and preferably a foundation with an SPF of about 15 to 20. Sun damage is irreversible, so be careful.
  • Go for products you trust. I’ve been using the same range of cleansers, day creams and serums from local company Cosmetique 2000 for over 24 years – they work for me. I love their Concepts Resurgence range with everything from face wash to eye cream.
  • Eat lots of raw food, like fruit and vegetables. I believe that what you put inside your body shows on the outside, too. I must admit, I’ve never eaten fast-food in my life, and I can’t imagine I’m missing out on much.
  • Try not to wear too much make-up. For every day, I go for a light foundation and a lick of mascara. If I wear lipstick, you know there’s something special happening. The purer you keep your skin, the better.

So would you say that’s your typical beauty ritual?

It really depends! When I’m at home, I’m a lot more plebeian. I love the summer and I love a little bit of Vitamin D. But when I’m on stage, it’s all about creating a character and being an exaggerated version of myself.

You create on-stage personas better than anyone in the business. What are a few of your favorites?

I feel like the world is my playing field and I especially love pulling from all sorts of different eras. Typically, I’ve always connected with a vintage pinup girl, but lately I’ve leaned more toward a tumbler rat or alternative grunge girl.

But that’s the magic of makeup! You can transform yourself depending on your mood.

Oh yeah, it’s like highlighting what you already have.

Speaking of magic, what’s the connection with it in your new fragrance Mad Potion?

Perfume to me is like a potion and can be very enchanting. Scents create these incredible memories. Think about it: Sometimes you’ll walk past someone in a hallway who is wearing a fragrance you used to spray when you were a teen. It transports you back to that time. I love that scents are so powerful!

Do you connect with any of the notes in this fragrance?

Yes! I have worn vanilla since I was a teenager and it’s always been so alluring — especially to the opposite sex. As I got older my tastes kind of changed and I wanted something a little bit more androgynous, which pushed me more towards musks. The combination of those two made me feel like I’m wearing something that’s both. So I could attract anything or anyone — everything is fluid.

Even in your beauty regimen! There are so many products out now that we want to work double duty. Do you use any in unintended ways?

I feel like you can take any lipstick and make it a blush. I use it like finger paint and you can put it on your eyes, too. When you’re using less of a matte and more of a cream lipstick, it moves better and gives you a gloss.

Do you have a face-washing routine after that?

I never sleep with my makeup on unless I’m, like, spending the night over at a guy’s house. Then I wake up an hour early to get that natch look! No, not anymore. I used to do that a lot when I was younger. Now I’m like, what you see is what you get. To wash my face I use Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and have for several years now. I used to be deathly afraid of putting oil on my face but it really pulls out the dirt from my skin.

Quick! You snag a nail on the go. How do you fix it?

Actually, I was looking for a nail file the other day and I didn’t have one so I just used a matchbook. Weird little tricks!


Your skin is not only your biggest organ, it’s also your most visible one. In other words, everyone can see it. As such, when your skin has an amazing, healthy glow, you naturally feel confident enough to show it off to people. When it is peppered with blemishes, on the other hand, you feel a lot less confident.

Good skin, therefore, equals more confidence.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend lots of money to give your skin its radiant glow back. You certainly don’t need to have cosmetic surgery! Moreover, you don’t even need to spend lots of money on over-the-counter beauty products.

You really are what you eat. To treat acne, reduce the signs of ageing, ward off wrinkles and battle cellulite, you just need to eat better. Let’s take a look at 10 amazing foods for glowing skin.

  • Tomatoes

For Beauty and Tips, tomatoes are a super food and are definitely part of fabulous foods for glowing skin. We love this red fruit that’s as luscious as a pair of lips. Why? Because it does amazing things for your skin.

For one thing, tomatoes contain a phytochemical called lycopene, which boosts the production of collagen in your body. Collagen is an important protein that gives your skin its youthful, taut structure. It also helps you to fend off attack from nasty UV rays that are trying to penetrate your skin with pro-ageing free radicals.

  • Carrots

Another one of amazing foods for glowing skin are carrots. You might have noticed a bit of a trend with these first two. Like tomatoes, carrots are a brilliant colour. While tomatoes are a deep red, carrots are a vibrant orange. And it’s essentially that orangeness that’s good for your skin.

The reason a carrot is so orange is that – like sweet potato and squash – it’s rich in beta-carotene. As well as being good for your eyes (yes, carrots really can help you see better in the dark), beta-carotene is good for your skin. It stops your skin’s outer layer from preventing too many cells.

  • Turmeric

Again, like tomatoes and carrots, turmeric is easily noticeable, thanks to its eye-catching colour, and it’s also one of great foods for glowing skin.

This spice has been used in Indian dishes for centuries, often medicinally. Sure, it adds a bit of fizz to meals. But it also reduces pain and protects us against certain cancers.

It also looks after your skin. Rich in a powerful antioxidant called curcumin, turmeric thus has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent free radicals from running riot in your skin.

Turmeric looks after your skin in other ways, too. It can brighten up dark blotches, and help to heal scars that just don’t seem to want to go away.

  • Pumpkin

In fact, your pumpkin face mask – rich in skin-loving minerals, vitamins and antioxidants – could even double up as your scary mask this year if you get it right.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

Not too keen on pumpkin? Can’t be bothered with the hassle of preparing pumpkin? Then try pumpkin seeds, because they definitely deserve to be included in our list of foods for glowing skin.

Pumpkin seeds are stuffed with omega 3’s, vitamins K and A, as well as zinc.

In other words, they work wonders for your skin.

  • Spinach

Spinach may have given Popeye unbelievable strength, but what he didn’t seem to want to acknowledge was that spinach gave him unbelievable skin tone, too.

Like carrots, spinach contains beta carotene, which slows down the ageing process.

  • Salmon

Another one of fabulous foods for glowing skin is salmon. This famous pink fish is easily one of the healthiest you can eat. Thanks to its omega-3’s content, it’s good for your brain. And thanks to its DMAE content, it’s also good for your skin.

  • Avocado

Avocado sales have rocketed by 184% since 2013. Everyone seems to be eating them right now. And with good reason, avocados are one of the best foods for glowing skin.

We might not all be aware of it, but avocados are very good for our skin. Rich in key antioxidants such as beta carotene and lutein, avocados help to hydrate and soften your skin.

  • Garlic

Dieticians all around the world are all in agreement that we should be eating more garlic. In fact, it’s recommended that we eat garlic at least once a day.

If that sounds like too much, you should at least try to eat it a few time a week. This is became garlic can prevent pesky breakouts, keeping your skin clean and clear.

  • Strawberries

Okay, strawberries aren’t to everyones taste. But these berries that are bursting with flavour, life and refreshment should be added to your diet right now if you happen to like them. They boost your skin’s production of collage, and can reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


Taking the perfect picture depends on a multitude of things: lighting, the ingredients in your make-up and angle all affect the finished product. It can all be a bit much to think about when you’re just trying to get a nice candid pic for Instagram, but thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you. Follow our tips to looking good in pictures below and you’ll look like the beauty queen you truly are in no time at all.

  • Lighting is a girl’s best friend

It may sound obvious, but when it comes to taking the perfect selfie, good lighting is key. That doesn’t mean shining a torch in your face is going to turn you into Karlie Kloss, but a good, clean light source can go a long way. Turn to face a window or lamp directly rather than side-on if you can, as that way the face looks luminous and even without the chance of shadows ruining your even complexion.

  • Beware the ‘ghostface’ effect

Ever wondered why you go from bronzed goddess to complete ghoust in photos taken with flash? A common myth is that you’re buying the wrong shade of make-up, but that’s not the case at all. It’s actually the SPF in your foundation, concealer or powder that’s causing the undead look. SPF is a lifesaver during the day, but if you want perfect photos at night – you’ll need a foundation without it. So one of great tips to looking good in pictures is to get two separate day time and night time foundations, and they needn’t be expensive. Drug store foundations are often just as good as their high-end comrades – just remember to prime and set so you look polished all night.

  • Angles, darling

 Too low and you look like a thumb, too high and your arm looks longer than Slenderman’s.  Unless you’re a professional model, it can be hard to work out which angles are your best. As a general rule when taking a selfie, the camera should be slightly higher than eye level and as far away as your arm will reach. This way, your eyes look bigger, and there’s no unsightly under-the-chin shots. Practice makes perfect, and if you’ve got a spare 5 minutes, have a look in the mirror and see what you think. 

  • Shake it out

If you’re blessed with having naturally voluminous hair that stays put come rain or shine, you are blessed, (and we are very, very jealous). For those of us that are lacking in this department, the quickest and easiest way to make your hair increase from a 4 to a solid 8 on the Hot Hair Chart is to flip and shake. Basically, pretend your favourite jam is playing, and then head bang like you just can’t help it. Flip your hair upside down, and give the roots a quick ruffle through with your fingers. When you flip your hair back again, you’ll have a temporary boost of delicious volume that’ll last you a good ten minutes – plenty of time for an impromptu photoshoot.

  • Translucent powder

This is another one of great tips to looking good in pictures. Finishing powder smooths imperfections, turns an oily canvas into a matte one, and generally completes your make-up. While most drug store brands stock a range of coloured powders designed to suit your skin tone, there’s only one you really need. It’s the absolute WORST when you pick a colour you think will suit you, then later discover it makes your face a whole different colour from your neck. Translucent powder has long been used by beauty giants like Chanel, but drug stores are hot on their tail. A translucent powder allows you to use the same one when you’re tanned and when you’re not, and is a good way to save your hard earned pennies. 

  • Get fleeky highlighter in one quick step

A long-time favourite highlight of ours is MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. It’s the perfect pearly, pigmented highlighter and looks good whether you apply a little, or a lot. The best tip for making sure that your photographs reflect your IRL highlight shine perfectly is to add a spritz of setting spray into the mix. Apply your highlighter as normal using a dry, fluffy brush, then spray some setting spray on the brush and apply again. 

  • Frame your eyes

This is another one of good tips to looking good in pictures. In photographs, it’s easy for your features to get lost. The quality of your camera lens, colours in the frame and lighting all contribute to the finish of the final snap. Eye make-up tends to disappear in photos when your eyes are open (so almost every one, then), especially if you’re wearing nude shades. One seemingly obvious but often overlooked tip is to use black liquid or gel liner to define your eyes. If eyes are the window to the soul, eyeliner flicks are the curtains. 

  • Line those lips

Lip liner is an absolute staple in our make-up bags because of its versatility. It can be used all over the lip to create a matte effect, or just to accentuate your outer lip line for a fuller pout. A really simple way to ensure your lips are looking top notch in photographs is to grab a liner in the same shade as your natural lips. That way, you can use it regardless of the lipstick colour going on top, and no one will be able to tell you’ve purposefully drawn over the lines. This tip holds its own even with the deepest shades of red lipstick, and works the same way as liquid liner to define your features and make sure you’re hot to trot.


 Whether it’s a spot making an appearance on the ONE NIGHT you have a date lined up or a mascara wand to the eye, beauty emergencies are the absolute worst. There should really be a word invented to describe the utter frustration caused by finishing an amazing eyeliner flick and then ruining it when your hand randomly twitches. Make-up mistakes and beauty emergencies happen to the best of us, and they can really get on your nerves if you don’t know how to handle them. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the most common ones, and what to do when they occur.

  • Mascara mess up

Ok, so you’re hand has randomly twitched right at the exact second you pulled your mascara wand away from your lashes and said mascara is now on your nose. Don’t panic. You might be tempted to start furiously scrubbing at the inky black patch, but rubbing it at this stage will only smudge it further. Your best option is to continue with the rest of your make-up, letting the mascara dry, and then return to it with a clean, dry cotton bud. Gently scrape the mascara off your nose before re-blending your foundation.

  • Lipstick on teeth

Is there anything worse than looking in a shiny reflection hours after you’ve left the house to discover lipstick on your teeth? A lesser-known trick that needs to be shouted from the rooftops is to put your finger in your mouth after you’ve completed your lipstick. Once you pull your finger out again, any lipstick that would’ve ended up on your teeth is instead on your finger and your pearly-whites are lipstick free. Wash your hands and you’re good to go.

  • Dry, flaky lips

Got dry, flaky, lips and no time to spare? Grab and old toothbrush and some lip balm, and gently use it to exfoliate your lips. The toothbrush bristles will gently remove any dry skin, and the lip balm will help to restore some much-needed moisture. If you’re in a pinch and without a spare toothbrush, a washcloth will also do a similar job.

  • Tired?

If you’ve skipped on sleep and your body is feeling tired, blood is circulated towards the vital organs, leaving you with a pasty pallor and puffy eyes. Adding a face-full of make-up can leave you feeling cakey, so the best thing to do when you’re looking like a zombie is to focus on re-hydration. Slap on your best moisturiser, apply some eye-drops, lip gloss, and stick some sunglasses on your face.

  • If your foundation is too dark

As good as the lighting at cosmetic counters can be, it’s no match for natural daylight. If you take home your brand new foundation only to find it’s a shade too dark – don’t despair completely. Mix about 2/3 foundation with 1/3 moisturiser on the back of your hand before applying with your usual brush or beauty blender. The formula will be a little lighter, and you can darken it with bronzer if necessary.

  • Nail polish disasters

Nail polish has a funny way of getting just about everywhere it’s not supposed to be, especially when you’re painting with the hand you don’t normally use. If you’ve overshot the mark when applying your polish, don’t remove the varnish and start again. Instead, just dip a Q tip in some nail varnish remover and swipe down the sides of your nails where the excess polish is lurking.

  • Run out of Dry Shampoo?

If you’ve woken up with no time to wash your hair and no dry shampoo, don’t panic. Sprinkle some talcum powder (or rice powder from grocery store) in your roots and make sure to massage in well. The powder soaks up excess oil and should see you through the day. If you’re all out of talc, as a last resort you can also use facial, loose, translucent powder to blot up small areas of grease at the front of your hairline.


Perhaps the worst thing about a birthday is that it means we look yet another year older. Some women are lucky not to have this problem. Indeed, some women seem to stay the same age for years, and actually look a lot younger than they are. For women who look the age they are or – gulp – older than the age they are, birthdays can be a terrifying event!

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. While there is nothing you can do to slow down time, you can put the brakes on the ageing process. In fact, you can put the brakes on them so hard that you can actually look ten years younger than you actually are.

  • Find Ways To De-Stress

A really easy way to age yourself quickly is to do the things that make you stressed. Stress catalyses physical changes in your body that promote ageing. Cortisol is pumped out in its droves, and it triggers all kinds of problems. Dark circles appear under your eyes, you break out in spots and wrinkles, and you generally look older than you are.

  • Perform A Few Hair Tricks

Thinning hair is an obvious sign of ageing that’s not so easy to hide. A suggestion we have is that you apply volumiser to make the thinning not as obvious.

  • Eat More Fat

However, omega-3 fatty acids in particular (as well as other good fats) actually promote a better mood. This helps you to de-stress further (see above). Healthy fats also offer positive benefits to your skin, soothing inflammation and bringing out your skin’s former radiance. You can get omega-3’s from fish, such as salmon. If you don’t eat fish, walnuts are a good alternative, as are supplements.

  • Avoid Soap

To keep your skin looking young and fresh, it’s a good idea to stop using your regular soap. Swap it for a cleanser instead that washes your skin gently without stripping it of moisture. On that night, you should also moisturise at night and during the day.

  • Exercise

It’s important that you get off your chair and sofa and do some exercise. Exercise has been proven to tone up your muscles, help you lose weight, and improve your mood. All of which can knock a few years off your age.

  • Get More Sleep

The reason you’re looking older than you’d like at the moment could be that you’re just not getting enough sleep. Lots of us like to say that “sleep is for the weak” and that we just don’t have the time for more than 5 hours a night. But a lack of sleep really takes its toll, as it means your cells and DNA are unable to repair themselves as much as they’d like to. Get at least 7-8 hours per night.

  • Drink Red Wine

Not just any old alcohol, though. Don’t now think that you can go out tonight and get smashed on cocktails and tequila. Red wine is one of the secrets to long-lasting youth because it contains a substance called resveratrol. This is also found in the skin of grapes, which means you can just eat grapes instead (but that’s less fun).

  • Drink Green Tea

A bit more boring than red wine, green tea should be the tea of choice for anyone who wants to look at least ten years younger. Not only can get it reduce your risk of developing chronic disease, such as cancer, it can also reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and it can help you lose weight.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

This might sound boring, but it’s one of very important tips on how to look 10 years younger. Water is essential if you want your skin to stay hydrated and fresh-looking.

  • Eat Lots Of Fruit

All fruit is good for you. But when it comes to ageing, fruits that are rich in skin-preserving vitamin C are your best choice. Oranges, for example. Oranges are a good source of carotenoids, too, and protect your skin, keeping it looking youthful and glowing by eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. Other anti-ageing fruits include strawberries and pomegranates.