Remove Eye Makeup

  1. Always remove all your makeup before you wash your face.
  2. Take a cotton ball and wet it thoroughly with the remover.
  1. Start working on one eye at a time.
  1. Start with the upper lid and swipe the cotton ball a couple of times exerting minimum pressure.
  1. If maximum gunk has come off, use another cotton ball to remove the remains of the upper lid makeup.
  1. Repeat the same with the other eye.
  1. Use a fresh cotton ball soaked in eye makeup remover to give a final cleansing.
  1. Now move on to the lashes and kohl part.
  1. Be careful while doing this as too much of the makeup remover might burn your eyes.
  1. You can use a cotton swab/ear bud to reach the innermost corner of your eye.
  1. Use as much as the remover and cotton as required to thoroughly remove all the makeup from your eyes.
  1. Now remove the rest of the makeup from your face.
  1. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face.
  1. Dab on some toner to close the pores.
  1. Use adequate moisturizer to pamper your skin.
  1. You can also dab on some under eye cream to provide some relief to your eyes.

How to Remove Eye Makeup Using Baby Shampoo?

  1. Remove off makeup from the rest of your face.
  1. Splash water on your face, concentrating on your eyes.
  1. Pour some baby shampoo onto your palm and work out a rich lather.
  1. Apply this on your eye and make some to and fro motions.
  1. Splash water again to remove the soap content.
  1. Repeat if required.
  1. Wash your face using a mild face wash.
  1. Follow your CTM routine – it’s very important to use a toner post washing your face, as it helps close the pores and makes skin healthier. A toner is also known to reduce blemishes.
  1. Dab on a good moisturizer.
  1. An under eye cream makes the skin supple and help you avoid eye bags and dark circles.

Remember, the baby shampoo might not be effective where long stay eye makeup products have been used.

Vaseline can also be used to remove eye makeup, but the waxy feel that it leaves behind requires further extra cleansing. Just swipe across a cotton ball smeared with Vaseline on the makeup and cleanse as usual.

Olive oil and almond oil can also be used like makeup removers, but they’ll sting the eye if they get in. This is one of the best solutions to the question of how to remove eye makeup naturally.

These are some safe and popular methods of eye makeup removal. Hope you would try these methods next time while removing your eye makeup.