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Usana Health Sciences: Making a Difference Usana Health Sciences, Inc. is a multi-level marketing company based in Utah and engaged in the production of different nutritional products and dietary supplements. Usana products, which are mostly manufactured in West Valley City, are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide through independent distributors known as “associates.” Usana makes itself known in the market as a personalized health product brand that lets consumers reflect on their personal choices in life, and how their total quality of life is affected by their behavior from day to day. An immunologist and microbiologist by the name of Myron Wentz founded Usana. The company’s products are sold by distributors or by the company directly, but never through retail outlets. Product Line There are three major product lines under Usana, including Nutritionals (nutrition essentials), Usana Diet & Energy (weight control), and Sens? personal care (skin and beauty). Ninety-percent of Usana products are manufactured in-house.
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Some Usana Nutritionals products are listed on Australia’s Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Many products in general are certified by NSF International for label accuracy and classified as “Dietary Supplements.”
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With 37 other popular multivitamin/multimineral products sold in American and Canadian markets, Usana Essentials was tested by The company passed the test, which was based on particular index elements, the solubility of the products according to U.S. Pharmacopeia requirements, lead contamination limits (based on California Proposition 65), and U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements on labeling. Usana sells its products mainly through non-employee distributors or “associates” and through the Internet. Associates get their income from commissions, both from their own selling and that of their “downlines” (new distributors they have recruited). The compensation system of the company includes commissionable “points that distributors can earn for sales volume. Usana associates are bound by an agreement with the company which keeps them from making false income claims to potential distributor recruits, and from making health claims to market the company’s products. Usana has provided sponsorships to a long list of athletic organization through its “Athlete Guarantee Program.” The program chooses athletes to be sponsored, with the company promising that should any selected athlete test positive for banned substances as a result of consuming Usana products, he or she will be compensated up to twice their present yearly income up to 1 million USD. In 2006, Usana also entered into an agreement with the WTA to co-sponsor athletes, and five years later, this was extended. As per the 2011 agreement, Usana would donate $1 to Children’s Hunger fund for each and every ace that will be scored at all WTA tournaments, from Wimbledon to the end of the season. In 2003, Usana name-sponsored the 20,000-seating USANA Ampitheatre, an outdoor ampitheatre in West Valley City, Utah. United Concerts, in 2012, announced Usana would keep its naming rights until March 2018.